Forza Horizon 4 Update v1.404.531.2

Forza Horizon 4 v1.404.531.2 Update only

UPDATE Size:- 500mb

(you need to be on v1.401.912.2 to install this update)

How to install this update

1- Before installing this update backup your save game.

2-  Download & Extract update.

3- uninstall old forza from start menu (Dont Delete full game just uninstall forza icon from start menu).

4- go to old FH4 folder and delete (Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_1.401.912.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe) this file.

5- now go to extracted folder and copy FH4 folder and install.bat and paste these two in Game folder simply paste & replace .

6- after pasting open install.bat file in game folder Game will start installing.

7- once install is done copy your old save game and paste it in save game location.

8- now start the game from start menu enjoy.

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Forza Horizon 4 Update v1.404.531.2 Forza Horizon 4 Update v1.404.531.2 Reviewed by on April 13, 2020 Rating: 5


  1. where is going to have a series 21 or update 21

  2. its on scenes group if they release new update, i'll post it.


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