Forza Horizon 4 Steam Update v1.470.573.0

Forza Horizon 4 Update 1.470.573.0

UPDATE Size:- 2.43 GB

you need to be on v1.468.304.0 to install this update

This update is only for Hoodlum & Goldberg & Online Crack not for Empress version


How to install this update:

1- Extract.

2-  delete ForzaHorizon4.exe in Game folder

3- Paste and replace the update than Play.

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Forza Horizon 4 Steam Update v1.470.573.0 Forza Horizon 4 Steam Update v1.470.573.0 Reviewed by on June 03, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for this, but the game doesnt seem to load after patching it with this version (yes i did have v.1.468.304.0 before.
    I did many patches like this before and they all worked fine. how come this doesnt seem to work?

    Gonna try to get the full game with this update (unfortunately) and transfer my saves in there.

  2. para mim o arquivo vem corrompido!

  3. this one is for the steam vergen of the cracked game but if you had the ms one you probley might have in stall it agen all over

  4. Working flawlessly with the online fix! Thank you bro!

  5. is the stuttering issue fixed with this update?

    1. It still stutters from time to time
      Core i7 2700k, RX580 8Gb and 16Gb RAM, on 1080p here

    2. Hope there is some bigger update coming. I’m full of this stutters, but anyway the game is cracked with multiplayer so it’s a fine compensation even with updates :D

    3. I had an i3 4170 1650 super 16gb ram playing on ultra settings never had a stutter. It might be your internet playing online mode


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